What xQc’s Move to Kick Says About the State of Streaming

Derek Gorthy
June 28, 2023
5 min read

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers just announced last week that he is teaming up with their rival streaming platform, Kick.

Félix Lengyel, known to his fans as xQc , signed a staggering $100 million deal with the new streaming platform. During his time on Twitch, Félix has amassed nearly 12million followers and nearly 40,000 paying subscribers.

This unprecedented deal marks a turning point in streaming history and signals the growing influence of content creators in shaping the future of the streaming industry.

In this article, we go beyond the headlines and explore the short-term and long-term implications of this partnership, what monetization platforms should learn from this event, and how we at Enshrine are staying ahead of this movement.

The Power of Content Creators

In the world of livestreaming, content creators have emerged as cultural icons and influential figures with the ability to attract massive audiences. xQc's journey from a passionate gamer to a superstar streamer epitomizes this phenomenon. With nearly 12 million followers on Twitch and the ability to draw tens of thousands of viewers simultaneously, xQc has become a force to be reckoned with.

Streaming platforms like Twitch have learned that creators like xQc have the power to not just affect their own community, but the streaming community at large. This remarkable popularity demonstrates the unique connection streamers can forge with their fans, creating a dedicated and engaged community around their content.

Moreover, the xQc-Kick deal underscores the tremendous power that streamers possess to drive viewership and fan migration. A streamer's star power can bring hundreds of thousands of fans to a new platform simply by their notoriety alone. This showcases the shifting dynamics of the streaming industry, where content creators have become the catalysts for success and hold significant leverage in shaping the platforms they choose to align with.

The Shift in Platform Dynamics

The traditional dynamics between streaming platforms and content creators are undergoing a seismic shift. In the early days of livestreaming, platforms held the upper hand as creators sought exposure and monetization opportunities. Platforms like Twitch were free to set policies like high subscription fees, advertising restrictions, and many more.

However, as the industry has matured, creators have risen in prominence, commanding larger audiences and wielding substantial influence. With this influence, creators are now able to push back against these tech behemoths when their policies become too restrictive or unfair.

To thrive in this evolving landscape, streaming platforms must recognize the changing power dynamics and prioritize the needs and aspirations of creators. A symbiotic relationship between platforms and creators is crucial for long-term success. Platforms that fail to adapt risk alienating their most valuable contributors and potentially losing them to more creator-centric alternatives.

The Survival of Creator-Focused Platforms

The xQc-Kick deal serves as a wake-up call for the streaming industry, highlighting the importance of platforms embracing a creator-centric approach.

Streaming platforms and other monetization platforms that charge exorbitant fees or impose restrictive policies may find it increasingly challenging to compete in this new era. Creators are seeking platforms that provide a nurturing environment where they can foster their communities, showcase their talent, and monetize their content.

Before, large platforms had the luxury of prioritizing their own profits and slowly rolling out features that benefitted creators. In the coming years, platforms need to learn quickly that they need to listen more to the needs, complaints, and feedback of their creator base.

Enter Enshrine, a disruptive platform that is creator-focused and offers a more affordable alternative to traditional subscription models. Enshrine recognizes the pivotal role that creators play in the streaming ecosystem and aims to provide them with the tools, support, and freedom they need to thrive. By offering a lower fee structure and fostering a sense of community, Enshrine empowers creators to build sustainable and profitable careers while maintaining a direct connection with their fans.

How Enshrine Empowers Creators

Enshrine stands at the forefront of a new era of streaming platforms, placing creators at the heart of its mission. Through innovative tools and support, Enshrine aims to empower creators to unlock their full potential.

Instead of adding another platform that creators must upkeep, we’ve decided to take another approach. We allow creators to manage supporter perks in a single place, so that they can easily give their paying fans exclusive content and other benefits across multiple platforms.

Enshrine allows creators to offer unique perks and rewards to their fans. By offering personalized experiences, exclusive content, and tangible benefits, creators can give their fans more of a reason to support them while building a deeper sense of connection and appreciation between creators and their supporters.

This approach not only strengthens the bond between creators and fans, but also allows creators to earn more of the money that their fans are already sending to them. Creators on Enshrine can increase the amount of money that they earn on every fan dollar spent by up to 80% when compared to Twitch subscriptions.

We’ve listened to the creators that we are working with. They have all said that they want to build on a platform that doesn’t pull traffic away from the channels that they are already monetizing on. Rather, they want the ability to incentivize fans to engage with them across multiple platforms, thereby increasing their organic reach.


The $100 million deal between xQc and Kick serves as a powerful testament to the changing dynamics of the streaming industry.

Content creators have become the driving force behind the success of platforms, wielding immense influence and captivating dedicated fanbases. As the streaming revolution continues to unfold, platforms must recognize the shifting power dynamics and prioritize the needs of creators.

Enshrine and similar platforms are leading the charge in creating a creator-centric ecosystem, empowering creators to shape their own destinies while providing unique and rewarding experiences for their fans. Through this evolution, creators and their devoted communities are revolutionizing the streaming landscape and redefining the industry as a whole.

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Derek Gorthy
June 28, 2023
5 min read

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