We help creators own their financial relationships

Enshrine gives creators the tools they need to establish new revenue streams directly with their supporters.

Creators are too dependent on big tech platforms

We’re tired of seeing platforms like Twitch take 50% or more of the money that creators earn. We built Enshrine to help creators become less reliant on these platforms by creating revenue streams that they, and they alone, control.

Ready to redefine how you monetize your brand?

Features of our platform

We're designing a world-class platform to meet the needs of streamers, artists, and anyone else that creates digital content.
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Cross-platform integrations

Your fans engage with you on multiple platforms, shouldn’t your monetization strategy reflect that? We make it easy to offer your fans cross-platform experiences and boost your engagement on every platform that you care about.
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Flexible perk offerings

We know that your community and your monetization strategy are unique. Our ever-expanding list of perk offerings let you be as creative as you want and build something that your fans will love.
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Self-service management

Manage your listings and perks wherever and whenever you want. Our platform is completely self-service service, so you won’t be waiting on us when you come up with your next great monetization idea.
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Automated perk redemption

Content creation is a full-time job, and you shouldn’t be wasting your time manually tracking your perk redemptions. Set up your perks once on major platforms like Discord and don’t worry about it again!
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90% revenue share

We’re tired of seeing big tech platforms take the majority of your earnings -- that’s why we’ve decided to keep our fees low. You’re the one that creates the content, so you should be the one to keep most of those earnings.
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Add royalties to your listings

We know that the key to becoming a full-time creator is establishing reliable, recurring revenue streams. We allow you to build royalties into anything that you sell, so that you can earn money every time your collectible changes hands.

Our leadership team

Our founders have 80+ years of combined experience working at
Derek Gorthy
Co-founder & CEO
Senior Software Development Engineer at Zillow
Dave Patten
Co-founder & CTO
Principal Architect for Equifax at Jobalign
Paul Ossorio
Co-founder & COO
Manager at Starbucks and Wizards of the Coast
Keanan Cypher
Founding Senior Developer 
Principal Data Engineer at Equifax and Comcast
Matthew Ebert
Founding Social & Community Manager
Business Analyst at CrunchTime and Symphony AI


What is Web3 and why does Enshrine use it?
Web3 is a collection of decentralized technologies that make up the "new internet". We use these technologies because they fundamentally give more power to the creators of content.
What fees does Enshrine charge?
We charge a flat 10% platform fee on everything sold on our platform. This fee covers payment processing fees, IPFS hosting, and platform costs.
When will Enshrine launch?
We don't have a formal launch date, but are looking to go live early in 2023. Join our Discord or sign up to become a creator to receive the latest updates.

Ready to redefine how you monetize your brand?